Mrs Linda Condon - Physical Education Teacher

  • I was born and raised in Saugus, in a family of seven,
    Three sisters, one brother and parents from heaven!
    Had a "Leave it to Beaver" childhood, minus the pearls,
    So many great memories, dominated by all us girls.
    We each graduated from college, and thanks to Mom and Dad, debt-free!
    I was hired right away by Belmont Middle School to teach "P.E."
    Eventually coached at Saugus High, for a few years too,
    Until I married, moved to Reading and my family grew.
    Decided to stay home for six years, raising my two boys,
    Who are now college grads, employed and still my pride and joy.

    Answered an Ad from SJS, looking for a part time teacher for Gym,
    Which I took, as a temporary job, mostly on a whim.
    I thought I would return to public education after a brief stint here,
    But, fell totally in love with the school, and am now in my 17th year!
    I have even taught at other Catholic Schools along the way,
    Yet nothing compares to Saint Joseph's school overall feel, day to day.
    I am lucky enough to get to watch "kids" grow and develop from PreK to Grade 8,
    Witnessing their innocence, exuberance and overall efforts makes my job first rate.
    There is so much respect, love and humor among my colleagues each day
    Plus, the dedicated parents I have encountered, are the obvious reasons why I stay.

    I feel that Field Day sincerely brings out the spirit of the school as a whole
    As you see students, teachers and volunteers working all together with, FUN being the common goal!
    Have always emphasized to my own kids, NEVER SETTLE in life, as our basic family rule.
    That is why I SO appreciate "working" each day at the greatest job ever, at the very BEST school!