• September 17, 2018

    Dear Parents,

    We made it through our first full week. It was the week of firsts: we read our first story “The Little School Bus”, we had our first jobs and we learned our first two 💖Heart words; I  am. The children are really learning the routine of Kindergarten. They are also focusing on raising their hands, sitting crisscross applesauce and using their manners. We even had our first fire drill!

    Language Arts: The first 6 stories in Unit 1 focus on Animal Fantasy. In the story, The Little School Bus, they learned ordinal numbers first through sixth. We are focusing on our vowel sounds. Have your child put up one hand and have them say the two sounds each vowel makes. Every story has a song…we sing every morning. Each week I will introduce 6 Amazing (vocabulary) words, this week it was the ordinal numbers.

    The children are using their pencil grips for correct pencil posture. Our Morning Work is consisting of reviewing each letter of the alphabet each day for three weeks. When this is completed, we will focus on a letter sound each week.

    Math: Last week we tied in Math with our Reading story focusing on the Ordinal numbers. I started the formal Math lessons of Envision Math. The focus is on numbers 1-5.

    Religion: We will start our book, We Believe. We are learning that God loves us all the time. We like to end our day singing “We’ve got the Whole World in Our Hands”.

    It was great to see you at Back to School Night. I felt we bonded as a class and I can’t wait to start this Kindergarten journey! I hope you got a little glimpse into a life of a Kindergartener. If you haven’t please send in forms and art smocks, they get paint everywhere. Also make sure you label sweaters and sweatshirts with your child’s name. Remember..they all have the same sweaters? HA!!

    Buddies: We end every Friday by spending time with our 8th grade friends. Last Friday I read a story of a little boy who looked for a red house with no doors or windows, but had a star in it….it was an apple! We did apple stamping with our buddies!

    Upcoming events:

    Gym: Every Tuesday. Please have your child wear their gym uniform and sneakers.

    Friday, September 21st:  Pizza starts for lunch.

     Monday, September 24th:  Milk starts.  We have milk at snack so that I can monitor the children to make sure they drink their milk.


    Remember to check the website! Enjoy your week!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto