• October 01,  2018

    Dear Parents,

    Today we leap into October! We will learn about the autumn season, Christopher Columbus, Fire Safety and end up with a celebration of Halloween. Some parents ask me if the Kindergartners have homework...yes they do! It consists of reading to your child, doing the Weekly Family Times, keeping and reading their Decodable booklets and practicing their ”❤ “ words. What is desired for a kindergartner is playing in the fresh air and getting a good night’s rest. By laying the foundation of school now, it will be routine for the next years’ to come .Today I sent home a “Family Project” for the month of October. Have fun with your child decorating the pumpkin.  In the years’ past, the pumpkin has been transformed into Tom Brady, a spider or Cinderella’s carriage for some examples. This week, we are on the 4th Decodable reader. Please review the “❤“words; I, am, the, little.


    Last week, we had so much fun learning all about Johnny Appleseed. The children had apple bread and apple butter that Mrs. Mance made. We placed apple seeds in water to see them go from seed to roots and stem. We will be tracking our “Apple trees” all year. In Language Arts, we enjoyed reading Plaidypus Lost! It was about a purple Platypus stuffed animal made out of a plaid shirt! We review our vowel and consonant sounds daily. We have started to focus on retelling the story; first, middle and end. Have your child sing “Plaidypus”; we have so much fun singing our weekly songs!


    In Math, we are reviewing more, fewer the same and also learning about the number Zero, or as we like to say...we learned nothing in school today! Speaking of Zero, Tuesday is day 20...I wonder who will show up ?


    In Religion, We have finished chapters one and two. They focus on the beginning of Genesis and how God created the world and it was good. For the month of October we will celebrate Guardian Angel day tomorrow, Oct. 2nd and it is also the month of the Rosary. I will teach the children how to do a decade of the Rosary. We will be doing it daily. If you have Rosary beads for your child, please send it in, if not we have plenty in the classroom.


    The children are enjoying bringing Clifford home. It is a great way for the children to be comfortable sharing in front of their friends. The other children are so patient waiting for their turns.


    We will start going on nature walks around the neighborhood. We need each child to bring in 2 empty toilet paper rolls. They will become binoculoars!


    Upcoming events:

    Tues. & Wed. Oct. 2nd & 3rd: Kindergarten testing. This is a required test to determine where your child’s baseline level of learning is and then to determine how much growth there will be by the spring. It’s just like playing on the computer. Testing in Kindergarten is only to help the child understand the concept of the test. The first time the scores are used is in First Grade. Please send in headphones if you have them, so they can hear properly. Some of the headphones in the computer rooms are too big for little ears! On Tuesday, it still will be a gym day so have them wear their gym uniforms.


    Friday, October 5 th: no school. It is a professional day for the teachers.


    Monday, October 8th: no school, Columbus Day

    Friday, October 12th: Picture day, forms will be going home. Pumpkin family project due.


    Friday, October 19th: FIELD TRIP!! We are going to Connors farm, more info this week.


    I think this is plenty of info for right now!! As always, email me with concerns or just to say hi! HA! These children are truly amazing, I tell them every day! Thanks for being on the Kindergarten team!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto