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     May, 2020


    I have made my own YouTube channel! Just go to Lorraine Dibenedetto!  

    I read that your child should start a journal about this time in their life. Draw pictures, you can help them write their feelings down, so when they have children or grandchildren they an share this piece of history.

     Phonics letters: y,q

    Sight words: Come, where


    Kindergarten only receives their report cards twice a year. The next time will be after school is finished in June. 

    Please practice all the letters with your child:All letters start at the top! Lower case start at the dotted line. Numbers need to be practiced, many are backwards, practice, practice, practice!

    Please use the Scott Forseman site on the left hand side. It has lots of activities that correspond to our story. This week we are on Unit 5 story 6.

    Remember to keep in our prayers all families that are affected by Covid 19 . It is hitting home for so many of us..prayers work..

    Love and miss you all!

    Mrs. D

      Remember, anything you want me to know, either send me and email or note! 

    Are you seeing signs of spring pop up everywhere? I love listening to the birds, I'm trying to identify them by there songs before I can spot them with my eyes. Are you looking up at the clouds? Try and guess what types of clouds are in the sky? 


    As always, thank you for all your support!



    Mrs. DiBenedetto