• August, 2020


    Unfortunately....there will be no Popsicles in the Park this year. I want to keep everyone safe...with the number of students, parents and siblings, I don't want to start the school year off breaking Gov. Baker's rules for gatherings! Please note, there will be an email coming soon with loads of info. I just don't have all of your email addresses yet! If you are reading this, please send me a quick email so I can start putting all the info together.

    Welcome!! It is finally your turn to be a Kindergartner! First things first, step outside at dusk, do you hear the crickets? In the warm weather, crickets chirp very fast, as the season starts winding down, the crickets chirps are slower. Count how many chirps you hear in 15 seconds then add 37 it will equal the temperature! You see, you just became a backyard scientist!

    This is just some of the wonders we will learn in Kindergarten. I will try and keep you informed as much as possible about how St. Joseph's is adapting to the new normal of learning during a pandemic. 

    Please keep checking my website and the schools website. The countdown has begun! I am so excited to start this school year! 


    Mrs. D