• October 09, 2018  



    Dear Parents,


    I hope you had a fabulous, long weekend!  We deserved this mini vacation!


    Last Friday, the teachers attended Mass along with 10 other Catholic schools that was officiated by Bishop O’Connell. The day was a celebration of the appreciation of Catholic School Teachers  and our continued dedication to our faith and commitment to each and every child. It was a very moving experience and since then I couldn’t wait to get back in the classroom with your child.


    We finished reading Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten. What a perfect time to read about this, as we are excited to go on our first field trip! We learned all about our community and what makes up our neighborhoods. This week, we will be learning two new ♥ words, a and to. Family times will be going home today, please pay attention to the activities that are associated with our new story Julius!


    Morning work will start to focus on a letter a week. By the time Thursday rolls around you will not believe how well your child can print the letter. We will also start Phonics. In Language/Arts we focus on one sound a week. This week the focus will be on the letter /Mm/. On Friday, we call it “Phonics Friday”; the children will be introduced to their new Phonics book.

    In Religion, we are celebrating the month of the Rosary. Bruno’s family made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. They brought back Rosary beads for each of us. We are so thankful for this wonderful gift. Some of the children are using the ones that they brought in, they are praying on them daily, then returning them into their backpacks for safe keeping.

    Last week we were visited by Zero the Hero again! Wow, that superhero looks a lot like Mrs. D.! The children get so excited when we have 9 sticks in the ones column. They know Zero the Hero will fly in and move the sticks from the ones to the tens column when we add that 10th stick.

    Please send in your Family Pumpkin project when it is completed so we can hang it up in the Hallway.

    Upcoming events:

    Friday, October 12th: Picture day. Children can wear their own clothes.

    A class picture is taken in the spring wearing their uniforms.


    Friday, October 12th: Pumpkin projects are due!

    Have a great week!



    Mrs. DiBenedetto