• Grade 6 math class

    Math : Students have been learning about the number properties and the order of operations. Students were assigned a Birthday cake Order of Operations Project where they had to use the 'Guess,Check,Revise' strategy to come up with their own Order of Operations problem for which their answer had to be their birthday. The project is due Monday,Sept 16. 

    Science : Students are working on Life Science this year. In the past week, we have discussed various Lab Safety rules. Students have also been exploring the different parts of the microscope and their purpose. Our first lesson will cover the classification of living things. Students saw visuals of how animals are classified based on their characteristics. They will be doing a lab to different organisms that live in the pond water and then proceed to classify them based on characteristics. They will also be working on a ' Classification of Living Things' project. 

    Please check the photo gallery for pictures!