• November 05, 2018

    Dear Parents,


    It is my pleasure to welcome two new students to our class, Aidrenne Dorney and John McDuffee. Let's welome them to our Kindergarten family!


    We were blessed by an absolutely fabulous Grandparents/Friends day. I had the privilege of getting to know some of the most important people in your child’s life. A little rain never hurt anyone! Let me tell you, the skies opened up as we were walking back from church...it was kind of a bonding moment!

    At this time of year, we try to have the children outside more than usual because we all know what will be around the corner. With that being said, please dress your child accordingly. Unless it is raining or snowing the children will go out for recess in the morning and at lunch. Sometimes, hats and mittens are needed for the morning recess but not the afternoon, always side with being overdressed than underdressed for the weather.

    Term one will end on Friday. I do not issue Report Cards until the end of second term. The first 6 weeks of Kindergarten consisted of transitioning from a Pre-K student to a Kindergartner. There will be lots of leaps and bounds this 2nd term. Conferences will be held the first week of December, information will be coming!

    It’s time to disguise Tom Turkey! Yes, just when this time of year gets more hectic….I am giving you a Holiday Project! Information is attached!

    In Language Arts, this week’s story is about Animals Babies in the Grasslands. It is a nonfiction book about animals that live in the wild. We will begin to discuss adjectives or describing words. We will have three new 🎔 words; we, my, like.  


    In Math, we are working on adding one and two more to a number. They are getting comfortable with using a number line and a clothespin to count up.  I have two games to play during Math; “Don’t Shout it, Show it”, the children have to show me the numbers on a number line without saying it out loud, and it builds confidence as well as a lot of fun! We even have commercial breaks! The second game is called “I Don’t Get It”! Again, I want the children to be able to raise their hand and express that they don’t get it; when a child says “I Don’t Get It”, they can be the first contestant to run to the board and we will work together! For me, making it fun and not to be afraid to ask for help makes for a strong student!


    In Social studies we are talking about safety. We are blessed to be protected by the police, fire and others in the safety field. To all of them we are truly grateful!  We have started talking about Veterans Day, the meaning of the 11th month, the 11th day, at the 11th minute. The children are discussing  what soldiers are…kind, caring, etc.

    On Friday afternoon, we will practice a lockdown and evacuation drill. We will stay in our room, until we get an all clear. We then will walk down to the church hall. Dismissal will be from the hall. This will be discussed with the Kindergartners. We are practicing hiding in our class because we have to pretend that a  “Skunk is on the loose”! We will walk down to the hall and explore along the way. My motto is No Fear, No Scare” will ever be allowed in Kindergarten! In a world of uncertainty, the children are protected from the knowledge of what the drill is about, but unfortunately we do need to practice. Your part…bring your license or the person picking up have must have their license.  We will see you at Fr. Gillis Hall! (Make sure to arrive before 2:00, the whole school is dismissing!) More info definitely to follow this week. There will be NO aftercare.

    Upcoming events:

    11/5-8:        Coat Drive

    11/9:         Evacuation drill

    11/12                No School; Veterans Day observed.

    I was asked to remind you to pass in raffle tickets, wine and scratch tickets for the craft fair.

    Have a great week!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto