• October 29, 2018


    Dear Parents,

    Last week was amazing! We went on a nature walk to Moulton Park. We explored leaves, through them in the air and then stuffed a scarecrow! We also had fun with our weekly story and the songs that accompanied it. We learned about going to a soirée and cutting up the rug! Ask your children about it!


     In Reading, we are continuing to focus on where animals live. Last week we focused on animals that live in the ocean. We have started learning about nouns (person, place, thing or animal). Last week it was plural nouns and this week we will focus on proper nouns. I have also sent home their first assessment test. I usually keep these, but I thought it would be helpful for you to see where your child’s strength and weaknesses are. I can’t say it enough. You need to practice letter/sound recognition. The children need to look at a letter. Example… /n/ and know its sound, immediately and vice versa, say the sound and they will tell you the letter. Maybe, while driving, turn down the radio and make a game of it. This is what makes children learn to sound out words. This week, Decodable 8 will be going home. Please have your child practice reading all of The Decodables. They develop smoothness in reading and also easily recognize their “heart” words. Also, please do the Family times; it really helps your child. As you can tell, Morning work consists of a letter a week. This is how they learn to form their letters.

     We are also focusing on individual weekly letter sounds. In Phonics, we have concentrated on the letters t, m, short vowel sound a. This week we will focus on the sound of /s/. We love “Phonics Fridays”!

     In Math we finished Tooic 3. Topic 4 will focus on comparing numbers up to ten.

    In Religion, we are finishing up our month of the Rosary. You should be so proud of your children and their commitment to prayer. We will quickly jump into November. We have so much to learn! First, we will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, then celebrate All Saints Day by going to Mass on Thursday. Friday is Grandparents /Special Friends Day. We will go to Mass on Friday, please have the girls wear their jumpers or both days.

     Handwriting…Wow! Have you seen a big improvement! They are doing great.

     The school year is in full swing! SO MUCH TO DO IN KINDERGARTEN!

    Remember, everything you learn you learn in Kindergarten!!!

    Weekly Activities:

    Monday: Library, remember to return your books.

     Tuesday:  Gym

    Wednesday:     Halloween! Wear orange and black (no charge!!)


    Thursday:         All Saints Day Mass, girls wear jumpers.

    Friday:         Grandparents/Friends Day, Mass and dismissal at 12:15

    A reminder note will be going home later in the week regarding Friday.

    Remember, email me with any concerns, funny stories, or tidbits you like to share.... or to voice your concern, the closer we work together, the more your child benefits!

     I can be reached at: ldibenedetto@stjosephschoolwakefield.org

     One final tidbit…as you can see, I write as much as I talk!!! I saw this funny saying… “I am not yelling, I am from Massachusetts, I'm just wicked loud”!!! Some of your children comment how loud I can be…sorry…. It’s a Boston thing!!



     Mrs. DiBenedetto