• 11/13/18


    Dear Parents,


    The children did a wonderful job at the “Skunk on the loose” evacuation and unification drill on Friday. As I always say, I will not bring fear or scare into the classroom. I bring lollipops  and I might perform a comedy show but you have to do what you have to for a bunch of 5 & 6 year olds!


    It was nice to have a long weekend! The children have been working so hard, they needed a break!  We did too! I was able to go to NYC and visit my daughter.


    In Reading, we are continuing our stories about animals. Last week we learned all about animals and their babies. Ask your child to imitate a meerkat or a prairie dog. We have also started to learn about adjectives, or describing words. We will continue to focus on our 3 ♥ words: we, my, like. This week’s story is Bear Snores On. It is important that they are reading and practicing their decodables that go home on Tuesdays and their word ring.


    In Math, we are using our number lines and adding one or two more, and taking away one or two. The children really are doing amazing! It helps when we play “Don’t shout it, show it”! The commercials are hysterical!


    The next two weeks, we will learn all about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags. Our lesson will culminate with a Feast at the church hall the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!


    Friday is our 50th day of school, how can that be! We usually have a 50’s party but it falls on the kick off of the Craft fair. Can you believe we have been together for 50 days...Only 125 more to go!!!


    Remember to send in your Turkeys!! They are due tomorrow!


    Upcoming events:


    Friday, November 16th : Casual for a Cause $1. Dress in red or green for our Christmas Craft fair.


    Friday, November 16th: Christmas shopping. The children will get to go shopping with their buddies for special gifts for their family. ( additional note will follow).


    Friday and Saturday,November 16 & 17th : Craft fair! I hope to see all of you there. I will be working at the baked goods table along with Mrs. Condon, the gym teacher. Wait..did I say working, that is not true, I network! We have a lot of fun! A big thank you in advance for all of your contributions to the Craft fair. It is the backbone of our school fundraising events.


    Wednesday, November 21st: ½ day. Dismissal is at 11:15 for Kindergarten.


    Thursday, November 22nd  & Friday, November 23rd ; No school, Thanksgiving break.

    Enjoy your week!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto