• November 26, 2018


    Dear Parents,


    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the blessings of your child.


    In Reading, we are continuing our stories on animals. This week we focus on finding “A Bed for Winter”. The children are also learning about reality and fantasy. The last story we read before the break was “Bear Snores On”; it was such a cute story about animals sneaking into a bear’s lair...ask your child what a lair is! We have 2 new ❤ words: he, for. Our phonics sound will focus on our second vowel /i/.


    In Math we finished counting to ten by adding and taking away. The important lesson in counting is that the children take their time, cross off and can represent a number in different ways. This week, we will start Addition!!


    Remember...it’s getting cold outside, please send your child to school with a hat and mittens. We continue to go outside for fresh air. We go outside if it’s above 32 degrees and not raining or snowing.


    I wish you could hear what the children pray for during Morning Intentions; siblings, pets, the world, wishing everyone a wonderful day. By starting the day out praying, we bond together, the children feel safe and can express their feelings out loud and to God. You should be so proud.


    We will start to decorate for Christmas! Fortunately, we are given a week before December and Advent starts to put all the autumn and Thanksgiving decorations!


    I am looking forward to seeing you at conferences. Please send in your slip so I can confirm your time.


    Upcoming events:

    Friday, November 30th: Early release at 11:20.


    Enjoy your week!



    Mrs. DiBenedetto