Dear Parents,


    It was wonderful meeting with so many of you at conferences. What an exciting time, to have your child’s first school conference and to see how wonderful your child is doing in Kindergarten. Thank for for sharing funny stories of Kindergarten from your child’s perspective. As we begin a new school week, we will be getting ready for a fun and festive Christmas season! We will be in the preparation stages of getting ready for our Savior to be born.  The month of December will be filled with wonder and awe. As the children count down the days until Santa arrives, I will try to balance out the importance of celebrating both. We can not forget the Reason for the Season.


    Language Arts: We are reading our final story in this unit, it is about animal habitats. In “Whose Garden Is It”, we are finding out that it takes a lot of cooperation to have a garden grow. Whose garden do you think it is? We are still focusing on the short vowel sound /i/ and adjectives.


    Math: We have jumped to Topic 7. We will be focusing on addition. It has been introduced as 4 and 2 is 6. We now have put in the symbols; + =, and I threw the words “And & is “out the window!!


    Religion: We are in week one of Advent:  We learned to meaning of the Advent candles, week one: HOPE.  We will be reading lots of Christmas stories to correspond with the season.


    The children will walk in today and see Christmas! So many firsts today: We will add a  cotton ball to make Santa’s beard. We will add a candle to our Advent wreath and countdown to Christmas with an Advent Calendar.  We might even have an Elf in the Shelf hiding in the room



    12/7: First Friday Mass; girls wear jumpers

              Picture retake: If you were unhappy with your child's photo, or are a new student, please have pictures taken, regular clothes can be worn if you are having your picture taken.

    12/8: Caroling at the Savings Bank Main st. Wakefield, 930 -1030 am.

    12/9: Breakfast with Santa


    Have a great week!



    Mrs. DiBenedetto