My Homework

  • Our Kindergarten curriculum consists of:
    • Scott Foresman Reading Street for Language Arts
    • Pearson Envision Math
    • Sadlier, We Believe for Religion
    • Handwriting
    • Phonics
    Yes, there will be homework in Kindergarten!! It will consist of a decodable reading story that will be sent home weekly that corresponds with the Weekly Reading story.Please keep these books together and have the children read them regularly.
    Also, the students' receive a Family Times paper that consists of 5 activities that correspond with the story we are reading. Please have your child do this work, it enhances their language/arts skills

    Clifford the Big, Red Dog will be our Mascot. He will go home twice a week. When it is your child's turn, you can write about your adventures, and your child will be able to bring in something special to share with the class. 
    It is very important that the children recognize each letter and knows it's sound.
    Make flash cards. Play games with the letters. Remember the vowels have two sounds.
    Once we get into addition and subtraction, I will give you fun games to play!