• August, 2019


    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to Kindergarten!! I am so excited to start this journey together! First, please get used to looking at my website. You access it by going to St. Joseph’s website and then scrolling to teachers’ pages. I do try to update it regularly.  I am going to give you some important dates to get us started. 


    8/22: Popsicles in the Park.  This event is a fun, stress-free time to meet new friends. Both for students and parents. The event is at Moulton Park from 3:00 to 4:30. Please check the website if the weather looks iffy, I might have to cancel if weather does not cooperate. I will be there to answer any questions as well as some parents who have gone through the Kindergarten experience with their older children.


    Wednesday, September 4th @ 9:00: Kindergarten orientation. The parents will meet with  PTO and I will have the children in class for one hour. The children do not wear their uniforms.


    Thursday, September 5th: First full day of school. School starts at 8:00. Uniforms are required. I will go over all the questions at orientation about this eventful day!!


    Speaking of uniforms...I find the slip on black merrill shoes work the best, especially for boys. They have a great sole and we don’t have to worry about tying their shoes all day. No belts for boys! Also ...shhhh, black pants and skorts can be purchased at other stores. I know the uniforms are difficult to get for small sizes. Please practice using the zippers before school starts, that is from experience!


    I will go over everything when we meet on Wednesday, September 4th. Until then, any questions, please email me at ldibenedetto@stjosephschoolwakefield.org.


    The supply list is on the back of this letter. Any classroom supplies can be sent throughout the year if you prefer. I do have enough to start the year. Also, I am in the classroom a few days a week if you would like to come in and visit. Just let me know by email when you would like to drop by. I am flexible, unless it is a true beach day, then I’ll be at Nahant Short Beach! One fun fact: listen to the crickets at night time. The faster they chirp the warmer the weather...you will know it’s September when they chirp a little slower.


    Enjoy the rest of this glorious summer!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto (Mrs. D!)