• First Grade News


    We have begun the year in superhero fashion!  You may have heard that the first graders have been given special superhero capes and masks.  They even have a special superhero name. They are officially superheroes!


    It has been a “super” beginning for us.  The students got rid of their first day jitters by drinking some jitter juice.  Most of the students loved it and asked for seconds. They are learning to sit at desks that open from the top.  Their desks are getting filled with lots of workbooks which will be used every day. The students have been earning some money for their good behavior.  We practice Classroom Economy, which will be explained at Back to School Night.  


    We already completed a reading assessment and the superheroes did a “super” job.  They are definitely ready for their homework baggies. However, this year the homework baggies will NOT be sent home this coming Monday.  For the first week, they will be kept in the classroom and I will explain the homework assignment each day. Then the students will complete it during the school day.  This way, they will know exactly what my expectations are for homework - done neatly and completely. So, you are off the hook for the week! But please, if possible, make some time to read with your child each night.  More explanation about the baggies will be given at our Back to School Night on next Thursday.  


    Gym class begins on Wednesday.  Please send your child in the gym uniform and sneakers with a water bottle.


    I am looking forward to meeting all of you on Thursday evening, September 12th at 6:30 beginning in the church hall and then in the first grade classroom.


    Our flag raising will be held next Friday morning right after drop off in front of the school.  


    Don’t forget to send in the 2 green emergency forms.  One will be kept in the office while the other will be used when we practice our evacuation drill.  You also need to fill out the CORI form if you want to volunteer in the school this year.


    I have posted a few pictures of your superheroes on Twitter.  My hashtag is @MelinoLou. I will also have them posted on my website over the weekend. 


    I just know this is going to be a “super” year!