• First Grade News



    We had a very busy week in First Grade.  The students took the MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) test in reading and math.  They did a great job. This assessment will help me measure the progress of the students throughout the year.  They will be tested again in the spring. 

    We finished the third story in our reading book and were tested on it today.  Students were also tested on this week’s spelling words. Don’t forget to fill in the reading log and send it back on Monday.   


    In math we are on Topic 2 and learning about subtraction.  Students should continue to practice the +0, +1, and +2 facts so these will be committed to memory.  They are also learning how addition and subtraction are related through fact families.


    We did some apple projects to celebrate  Johnny Appleseed’s birthday this week.. We measured ourselves using apples and found out that Luca and Joy are the tallest in the class measuring 18 apples.  Most students were about 15 or 16 apples in length. I was about23 apples long. The students also created some 3-D apple booklets and completed a Johnny Appleseed glyph.  We also learned how to distinguish a fact from an opinion, using examples from Johnny Appleseed’s life.


    We made crockpot applesauce yesterday and it sure was yummy!  We shared it with our Kindergarten friends. Every first grader helped to make it.  The classroom smelled so good while it was cooking. Look on our website for some cute pictures.  Next month we’re onto pumpkins!


    We learned about Maya, our Super Star of the Week, and what she likes to do.  She brought in many interesting treasures. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.  Christmas is her favorite holiday. Next week Alex will be our highlighted super star student.


    Super Bear had a great time with Joy.  She spent the weekend playing with Joy and her brother Jason.   Marie and her family will enjoy Super Bear this weekend. Don’t forget to take pictures and write about Super Bear’s adventure.


    Last Friday we welcomed our first Mystery Reader(s).  Marie’s auntie, uncle and baby cousin delighted the students with a surprise visit and auntie read The Ten Rules of Being a Superhero to the class. Thank you for visiting!


    Our classroom store will be open for business next week.  The students are very excited to spend their money. I sure hope they’ve saved $3.00 for their rent, which I will collect before they can shop.


    We are sponsoring a toy drive next week for the Ronald McDonald House.  More information is on the blog.


    October is the month of the Holy Rosary so we will be praying a decade of the rosary each day.  Please send in rosary beads with your child if you have them. 


    We are trying to plan a fall field trip, so stay tuned!


    Have a great weekend!  Go Patriots!