Mary's Rainbow

  • Mary, and a rainbow, has appeared on numerous occasions in our Kindergarten classroom. We need to take it as a sign! During this most holy week, we believe in the journey that Jesus had to take, so we can go to Salvation! 

    On March 22, 2012, a Rainbow appeared coming from Mary to the Crucifix. It lasted about an hour. When we saw this "Miracle" we immediately did the Rosary. This rainbow was visible for over an hour in the classroom. I believe Mary heard our daily intentions and wanted us to know that she is always here for us. Whatever, you may think, a Miracle happened in Kindergarten that day. 
    On April 3, 2012, another rainbow appeared in the classroom. It formed a full rainbow around Mary. Yet when the picture was developed, the silloute of Mary is in the backround! Every class in the school was able to experience this second Miracle, and each class said the "Hail Mary". 

    To all of you who view this and believe..thank you!