• First Grade Weekly News




    Last week certainly didn’t turn out like I had planned.  I am feeling fine, but need a few more tests.

    We finished the third story in Reading Street and were assessed in comprehension and spelling.  I have been impressed with most students who are putting forth their best effort in completing homework neatly and completely.  Students should begin writing sentences consisting of at least seven words. They are familiar with correct word order and beginning every sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period or question mark.

    We began learning about bats last week and will continue this week.  Did you know there are over 1,200 types of bats? Ask your child to give you some information about them.  They love to share their knowledge.

    We used our watercolors to paint our guardian angels last week.  They are hanging in our classroom so we are surrounded by angels.  All students also named their angels.   

    Students have begun learning to tell time on the half hour.  We are continuing Topic 2 in math and our understanding of subtraction.  Students are learning to figure out how to write a subtraction sentence for “how many more”, “how many fewer”, and “how many are left”.  We will have an assessment on this concept by the end of the week.

    Students finally had a chance to shop at our classroom store for the first time!  First, though, they had to pay rent for their desks and chairs after they got paid for doing their weekly jobs.  

    We are praying a decade of the rosary each day during morning prayer.  Please send in rosary beads with your child if you have them.

    Super Bear had a busy weekend with Maya and her family.  She went to the farm and picked apples and even sat on a pumpkin and enjoyed a tractor ride.  

    Aubrey is our Star of the Week and will share some of her favorite treasures with us. 

    We will have our spelling and reading assessments on Thursday.  

    Please send back your grandparent forms this week.  Remember, it is next Friday which will be a half day.


    Scholastic book orders were processed over the weekend and will soon be delivered.


    Hope you enjoy the extra long weekend.  There is no school on Friday for a teacher professional day.  See you on Tuesday.