• First Grade Newsletter



    The weeks are flying by!  The students are doing a great job and know the routine.  The minute they step into the classroom, the learning begins.  We start most days with a math minute. I hope you are looking at them so you can see the various concepts that we are touching upon each day.  The students are learning how to count coins, how to compare both sides of an equation, how to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, as well as the many new concepts introduced in our math series.


    We will be starting our two minute math fact drills on the +0, +1, and +2 facts next week.   They must correctly answer the problems in 2 minutes or less. The double fact flashcards were sent home this week.  Practice at home so they will become faster. We finished Topic 3 in math and the students were tested on it. 


    This week the students took the Unit 1 benchmark test in Reading Street.  These were sent home on Wednesday. You may have noticed that I added some explanations beside any wrong answers so you could understand why your child got any wrong.  Students were tested on reading comprehension, short vowel sounds, consonant sounds at the beginning and ending of words,rhyming words, and some grammar questions. They also needed to construct a one well-written sentence using an uppercase letter at the beginning and a period at the end.


    After reading Leaf Man, we went leaf picking around the neighborhood.  The students then returned to the classroom and made their own leaf people and animals.  Take a peek at our website to see some very clever creations.    


    Marie shared many interesting treasures with us this week as our superstar student.  We loved the passport suitcase filled with many interesting artifacts from other countries.  She loves to eat steak and build with legos. She wants to be a professional basketball player when she grows up.  Joy will be our superstar student next week. 


    Super Bear had a fabulous weekend with Adrienne.  She helped rake leaves, went to New Hampshire and saw Frozen on stage.  Adrienne’s cousin played Elsa! Super Bear will go home with Markhus today and spend the weekend.


    We will begin to learn about pumpkins next week.  I see a cooking lesson on the horizon! Wait until you see the crockpot pumpkin bread recipe!  This makes a great dessert for Thanksgiving.  


    Next Thursday, on Halloween, students may dress in black and orange.  We will have our party in the afternoon. Thank you to Mrs. Hubbard who will help coordinate this event.


    We will attend Mass on next Friday for All Saints Day.  Class A uniforms should be worn. 


    I am sending home three Scholastic book flyers.  Christmas is coming! Books make great gifts! My online code is NDQW3.  Ordering online is super easy!   


    Hope to see you tonight at theHalloween party!