• First Grade News



    Happy November!  Our virtue for this month is “Gratitude”  The students will be decorating turkeys and listing what they are thankful for.  They will be decorating our virtue board outside the classroom. I am thankful for this super class of first graders as well as their amazing parents. Thank you to Mrs. Hubbard and Ms. Babineau for a fun Halloween party.

    This week was filled with many fun activities.  Because we were learning about pumpkins, and instead of just opening up just one pumpkin to see and feel its insides, Mrs. Hubbard kindly purchased pumpkins for everyone. The students had a ball cleaning out their own pumpkins and counting the seeds.  I hope they explained to you how to tell if a pumpkin has lots of seeds inside. We also found out that pumpkins float and that white pumpkins have a different color inside than orange pumpkins. To culminate the pumpkin unit, today we made crockpot pumpkin bread.  Your child copied down the recipe for you to try it at home.

    We have begun learning how to sound out  long vowel words. If you find your child is having difficulty with these words, you can remind them of this rule: when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and the second one is silent.  Keep reading every night with your child and you will see him/her become more fluent. 

    Some students will receive a reading journal next Monday as part of their homework.  They will not get decodables any longer. There is a template attached to the front cover which explains how the journal should be written.  I have shown the students what to do, but I am sure they will need some guidance at the beginning. All students will be involved in this writing assignment very soon.  Students finished the first story in Unit 2 of Reading Street and were tested on it today along with their spelling words.

    Students should be memorizing the doubles facts. This is now part of their homework each night.  Spend about 10 minutes reviewing facts each day. They should also know the +2 and near doubles. I also taught them the strategy for adding 9 to a number.  Practice these as you drive in the car. More practice will help your children become faster with their facts. Students also started learning how to tell time on the quarter of the hour.  Students should find the hour hand first and then count by fives until they get to the three (ex. 3:15).

    Joy, our Star of the Week, shared many of her interests with us.  We know she loves stuffed animals! She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  Next week, Markhus will be our super star student.

    Super Bear had lots of fun last weekend with Markhus.  He learned how to play on a tablet, went to Sunday School, and hung out with Markhus’s cousin, Lillian.  Super Bear will go home with Aubrey this weekend.  

    The first marking term will close on Thursday, November 7th.  

    Friday, November 8th is a Professional Day for the teachers, so enjoy another long weekend.  We are thankful for the men and women in the armed services who protect our country as we celebrate Veteran’s Day on Monday, November 11th.   

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    Enjoy the weekend and the extra hour of sleep!