• First Grade News



    The excitement is sure building up in First Grade.  The students arrive each day with anticipation as they look for our classroom elf, Chip.  Sometimes he brings a letter from Santa, and sometimes he even brings a treat. What a fun way to start our day.  We will be leading the Advent prayer service next Tuesday morning for Grades K - 3. 

    We will not start the new unit of Reading Street until we return from Christmas vacation.  The only homework for the week is to read for 20 minutes each night. I am not sending home the journal or classroom book.  Just choose one from home. The students took the benchmark test for Unit 2 and did well. I will send home the corrected test next Monday and you can see how your child did and what areas may need more focus and review. 

    We began Topic 6 in math this week.  It’s all about how math facts relate when adding and subtracting.  During the Christmas break there may be times when your child is bored, so pull out a deck of cards and review the math facts. Don’t forget the Ace = +1, the Jack is an 11-, the Queen is 12-, and the King is 13-.

    We are continuing to learn about the Christmas customs of other countries.  So far, we’ve learned about Mexico, Italy, France, Australia, Netherlands, and Germany.  The passport books will be sent home on next Wednesday.

    Your children received an invitation and ticket to our Polar Express party today. They should come dressed in their pj’s and bring their boarding ticket on Thursday.

    The Christmas concert will be held on Thursday evening,  December 19th at 6:30. Students should arrive no later than 6:15,  and sit with the first grade class on the right side of the altar in back of Kindergarten.  Please keep your child’s jacket/coat with you in your bench. The students will remain with me in the pews until after the Nativity play is performed by our 7th graders.  It will be over by 8:15. At the end, please come over to our benches to pick up your children.

    Our classroom Christmas party will be held next Thursday afternoon.  Mrs. Hubbard is in the process of coordinating the party.  

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and holy New Year.  See you when school reopens on Monday, January 6th, 2020.