• First Grade News




    Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed the extended Christmas break as much as I did.  The students did an exceptional job transitioning back into our routine and it seems as if we haven’t skipped a beat.

    We began our third unit in Reading Street this week.  This unit is about all the changes that happen in our lives.  The students love sharing their life experiences! We completed the first story and the students were assessed.  They now have to answer two short essay questions as part of their assessment. You will notice that their reading homework sentences have increased.  Students must write 6 sentences now!

    Students should also write 2 entries in their reading journal throughout the week.    

    We finished Topic 6 in math and students took the assessment today. They should be able to make the connection between addition and subtraction facts by looking at them in terms of how they relate to each other as a fact family.  An example of this would be 6+8=14, 8+6=14, 14-8=6, 14-6=8. Keep on reviewing the facts! When practice sheets are sent home for homework, time your child to see how fast they can be completed. 

    This week we began to learn about penguins!  If your child has a stuffed penguin, it may be brought in.  We will build a colony of penguins. The students made a cute penguin which is on display outside our classroom.  Ask them about what they have learned so far about penguins.

    Next week we will begin our “special me” writing project.  Each week a student will be highlighted and the class will discuss what makes this classmate special.  The students will write about their classmate and draw a picture. These will be on display outside our classroom, along with his/her silhouette, which was created by my daughter when we had the Polar Express.  Every child will receive a booklet about themselves to keep forever!

    Super Bear will start making home visits again.  Adrienne will take Super Bear home for the weekend.  Don’t forget to take some photos for the journal and write about the weekend adventure.  Send it back on Monday.

    We have three students who are in the school play, “Alice in Wonderland.”  I hope you will support Adrienne, Aubrey and Bruno by coming to the production on January 31st.  Tickets are on sale now.

    Enjoy the balmy temperatures this weekend!  Stay healthy!