• March 17, 2020

    Today is Saint Patrick's Day! He was the patron saint of Ireland. We know more legends about Saint Patric than facts. But from the amount of work he did, and by the after-effects of that work, we can understand what type of man he was. He tirelessly toiled to spread the Gospel, at times against formidable odds.

    Please stand for the Our Father

    right hand over your heart...Pledge of Allegiance

    give your intention to God. 

    Let's begin the day! I hope you are wearing green!

    Today I want to you work on the second "g" paper. Write 5 'g's uppercase and lower case. Please circle the best one.

    next, the "two" paper...color it.....(what color begins with Y)

    Start edit paper: correct the following sentence: " the three bears live in a cottage"  what are the two mistakes? Please re-write the sentence correctly.

    Activity Chart:

    Morning Work


    Reading (youtube, Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Valeri Gorbachav)






    free time

    After doing calendar, the meteorologist has a big job today!!

    Let's talk about the story, is it real or make-believe.

    Let's discuss our amazing words: bears, porridge, cottage, big, middle-size and small.

    Now we will work on our two stories:

    1. Parents, read How Many? read each sentence, have your child track each word, then have your child re read the sentence.


    Continue with Decodable Reader 22. Gil Got One.

    Re read both again.

    Break for snack

    GYM time! I have talked to Mrs. Condon..these are her directions:

    Children you know how gym starts.. do the opening routine

    You want the children moving for at least 30 minutes. They can walk, run, skip, balance. catch a ball. With the weather as it is..breakdown the 30 minutes to two 15 minutes intervals.

    After gym, it is Math time!

    6.5 Colored sheet, side one count to 100 by ones and tens.

    turn over

    circle all the numbers counting by two's. Make sure your child does rows not just going down the column.

    Then move onto Practice 6-5. Fill in the tens numbers, circle all the numbers in red by counting by twos.

    flip over. Enrichment. FIrst fill in missing numbers. count by two's using a yellow crayon. Then count by tens using a blue crayon...what happens??

    Lunch time!


    Music...since today is St. Patrick's day, go to youtube and play the Unicorn song by the Irish Rovers..use the version with the words. 

    Also for more fun, join GoNoodle! Have your child do the Milkshake dance, the Maxerena and the Chicken dance to get their energy burning!


    Enjoy your day!! Any questions...email me!