• I took a nice long walk to the school yesterday. I have left writing paper in the K-2 bucket on the ramp of the ECP building. I have also left a Spring booklet to work on. Please be fair taking the paper, there are 26 students. There is probably enough for 3 sheets of each of the two writing papers. If there are no more papers, I will restock.


    Good day ! It is day 4. Originally we did not plan on being in school on Friday due to a professional day. I will give you all the rest of the directions for the pages you have and you can split them however you like. 

    Let's start the day!

    Lord's prayer, Pledge of Alliegance and daily intentions.

    Morning work:Thursday

    Finish your Family Times paper.

    The same paper as yesterday, except it is numbers four, five and six. Please let your child figure out what colors the words should be.

    Color four paper

    G booklet

    Have the children trace and write uppercase and lowercase g. Please make sure they are starting their letters at the top of the paper. Let them write their best g's.

    Help their garden, circle all the g's then color the garden.Finally, brainstorm g words..they have to sound out at least 3 g words.

    Play Calendar

    Listen to the story again. Ask them what their favorite part was. What happened in the beginning, middle of the story and the end. Where did the story take place?(setting), Who was in the story (Characters).

    Let's finish up our practice pages.

    Page 285: On the left side is the beginning part of the sentence draw a line to complete the sentence to one of them on the right. Please have the children read these themselves.Look for clues.

    Page 286: Have your child write three things in the story.

    Page 287 Look at the pictures..where is the picture taking place..draw a picture of it.

    Finally page 288 draw a line from the sentence to the picture!

    Congratulations you did it!!

    Friday Morning work:

    color the five page.

    Read each of the six sentences. Give your child time to try and read these on their own. Then randomly ask them to read a sentence..example..read number 5, read the top sentence.


    Take a break!



    Review and reteach

    Set A and #1 is guessing how many. don't give them the time to count..have them guess. 

    #2 How many...these are 3 ten frames, have them count by 5's or 10s to get the answer.


    This is the conclusion of the written work for the week. You can review math by making games. Take out the 100 chart. Remember there are 10 numbers in a row.

    Have them point to the number 32, what is 10 more...10 less, keep doing this until your child feels comfortable understanding 10 more, 20 more, 10 less.

    Let's go back to telling time. Let them tell time both analog and digital to the hour.



    Have your child write a sentence for numbers; one, two, three, four, five.  Good luck!

    Then the final assignment this week is to re-write the ending to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

    Now we know that Goldilocks jumps off the window and runs away, where did she go? Have your child write a sloppy copy. Then you correct it and have them rewrite it and illustrate.

    You will write on a piece of paper..After Goldilocks left the bear's house, she.........


    Here are some examples..she ran home and her Mom gave her a time out! The police were waiting for her!..Have fun with this, any answer is great, let them use their imagination!!!


    This is the end of Week one work. Phew!