• Day One of the story Antarctica

    Let's start the week off with an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

    Let's salute the flag and give God our daily intentions.

    We would be at Praise and Worship so let's sing The Whole World in His Hands.

    Family Times:This week we are introducing the 4th vowel /e/.For day one, it lists so many stories to read that focus on the vowel /e/.

    Morning work: The bubble letter Ee paper. Please write your name. Write the upper and lower case e five times, circle your best one. Color in the Ee's.

    The next paper will be your new heart words: from, go, here. 

    Please go to my Antartica section of the webpage. I have all this weeks instructions.

    Take out the Practice page, #289. Again, write the letter Ee 5 times, write the word Ed and egg.Turn the page. Put an e on the line if the picture starts with e. Challenge yourself on the other pictures.



    Parents you are lucky!! Math becomes very easy now!

    We are jumping to topic 12. Measurement

    In today's lesson we are going to compare how we can measure an object..by lengrh, (the paper is using cubes, you can use a ruler), by scale, or by a measuring cup.

    turn the page over:#1. A jar..you can see how tall it is, you can compare it on a scale or you can pour something into it like water.

    #2  you can measure by length and scale

    #3 all three

    #4 first two

    #5 all three

    #6 first two

    Now go to the Practice paper 12.1

    1. all three

    2. first two

    3. first two

    4. first two

    flip over

    What will fit in the basket, have them cross off what will not fit into the basket, have them draw a line to the basket of the items that can fit.

    Now let's have some fun. Have the children sort three objects..Ask if the can be measured by length, compared by weight or have something poured into.

    Even the little ones cam help.

    For discussion today..the 7 continents. Show where each one is located, where we are located. This is a fun topic and so many websites to look up info on.

    Until tomorrow!