• Hello,

    Day two of Antarctica!

    Again, start with prayer, alliegance and intentions.

    Morning work: The E/e paper; the one with the boy and coloring yellow and green.

    Next:Help Ed find the eggs that have pictures with the short-e sound.

    We will start again our editing paper: Remember have the children correct the two mistakes:

         it is cold

    Please go to my videos: do calendar

    review, alphabet, heart words and sing the song.

    Today we have two decobable books, please have your child read and reread them.Red Hen and Ten, Ten, Ten

    Have your child circle all the heart words on each page.

    write these words on a piece of paper, have your child sound them out. met, set, bet, net, let, get.

    Review the three new words: go from there.



    12.2 color paper first Compare by length

    Have them get a crayon and a marker, trace on the left side..which is longer, cross out the shorter object.

    On the right side, find two objects that are the same size, like two spoons. trace them and them put a ling under them because they are the same size.

    Flip paper over. Directions: circle longest, cross off shortest, underline the same.

    Same directions for the white math paper. on the enrichment side, read the directions on the bottom.

    Today we would of had gym and music. so get them running...don't worry Mrs. Condon has something up her sleeve for next week! Play songs and sing!