• Hello all!

    Morning routine

    Prayer, Alliegance, Intentions

    Morning work: Edit sentence:2 mistakes

    ken can get a pet

    word search

    Watch the videos

    Parents: write the following letters on a piece of paper then cut them out into squares; even better if you have magnetic letters:

    s     e     t     l     m     b     n     p     f     h     g

    make a board   with 3 squares 

    put letter e in the middle (we will be making consonant vowel consonant words)

    let's make the following words

    set, let, met, bet, net, men, pen den, hen, leg, beg, nest, best, lent, sent

    Now let's move to the practice pages, #293

    Word box page. Read each sentence, fill in the correct word. Do not cross off because there are only three words and four sentences.

    page 294. Have your child re write the sentence correctly, just like our edit sentence.

    Then draw a picture of the sentence.

    End of Language Arts work.



    12.3: If you can, get yarn or ribbon, cut it 4 difference lengths. Tape it on the front of the colorful paper shortest to tallest. Do it twice!

    same as yesterday  cross off the shortest, circle the longest

    Same thubg for practice page 12-3, enrichment side: draw straws longer, shorter

    The End for today!

    Have fun with comparing objects: