• Happy Thursday!

    I will have new packets ready Friday afternoon for the next two weeks and Easter crafts too!

    I am taking requests for videos, old songs..5 little ducks?

    We will start the day..Prayer, alliegance and intention

    Edit sentence:  i have a red sled

    Morning worK:

    On a piece of paper, finish this sentence: 

    If I lived In Antarctica I would........be creative, then send me a picture of your sentence and drawing.

    Watch and review videos

    Go to practice page #295, write the lower case vowel that is in the word on the line.  (e,e,a,e,o,e)

    page #296 look at both settings, color the characters that belong, cross out the one that does not belong.

    Page 297 The sentences start on the left side, look at the pictures, draw a line to the end of the sentence. Please let the children sound out the sentences.

    Page # 298 Write a letter to a grandparent, tell them about what they learned about Antarctica.

    That is all for today. We will finish the rest of the papers on Friday.


    Computer time!! Type your 3 new words; from, go, here.

    Math: 12.4  Easy today, put objects in order from 1-4, 1 is shortest, 4 longest. continue on white paper. 


    Activity, taken from Mrs. WIlliams art class. Make a rainbow wheel with similar colors start with 3 red objects, then orange, yellow, green, blue, then purple. Have fun!

    I have found another free web site that the older grades use. It is called KHAN academy. It is free and has great math and science pages.

    Until tomorrow....stay safe, stay inside.


    Mrs. DiBenedetto