• Another week done!

    Thank you for sending me so many pictures of your children and their work, it makes me so !

    I would like to ask you a question...is it too much work I am sending home? I just finished putting together another two weeks of work with some amazing Easter projects. My goal is to keep your child on some type of schedule that would resemble their school life. I can let up on the work if you want, three weeks from now..The packages will be ready for pick up tomorrow afternoon. Please be honost and let me know. 

    On another note...

    Here is Friday's work!

    Same morning routine!

    Edit sentence:  is it cold here

    Morning work:

    Amazing word paper:have fun drawing these vocabulary words!

    Finish family times

    Read the 6 sentences, over and over.

    Okay Calendar

    finish practice pages

    page #299 Draw a picture about what this story is about.

    page 300, page 300!! Your child has done 300 pages of work in Kindergarten! Re write the incorrect sentence. Draw a picture of it. Have your child read the sentence. Review the sound of /e/.





    Compare by height. Have your child find different objects and compare them by height. circle the taller, cross the smaller underline the same. It is the same for the white paper.

    Have a great weekend. I am always here if you need me, but again, if you try and drop your child off at my house I can not let them in...I know it has been threatened!! 

    I think at this time...kindess is winning.


    Mrs. D