• This is our last story in Unit 4. It is Abuela. It is a fantasy story about the adventures of a granddaughter and her grandma. 

    Monday work:

    The morning routine: Prayer, alliegance and intentions

    Family times: Day 1

    Time paper

    go, from, here color; write

    here color paper

    Do Calendar

    Practice pages page: 301, again upper and lower /e/.

    write the words, bed, hen, net, pet

    page 302 fill in the correct vowel (e,e,a,o,e,e)

    Watch video and song about Abuela

    Done with Language Arts




    comparing by height. circle the tallest, x the smallestit is the same for both math papers. Have them go around the house and compare three objects.

    I have enclosed alot of Easter crafts. You can do one today if you want. Enjoy!

    Until tomorrow, stay home, stay safe, pray, keep doing kind deeds!


    Mrs. DiBenedetto