• Day 2

    Follow daily routines. Today is the last day of March.

    Here are some fun questions to ask your child..

    How many Tuesdays were there in March?

    How many Fridays?

    What day of the week did March 11th fall on?

    What do they call April1st?

    Edit sentence: i can go to see you

    Have them correct it.

    Morning work:Ok great...I dropped all of my papers, now I don't know what order....why....

    So the children have their coloring pages, go, from..have them color one paper for today. Then do the word search.

    Go back to the videos and listen to Abuela again and sing the song. 

    Read the decobables, A Pet Hen and Ted and the Pet. Have them read this a couple of times to get used to the /e/ sound.

    Remember to practice the sight words. You can tape them all around the house, make a scavenger hunt out of them. Find 3 words beginning with /t/.


    Math 12.7; measuring.

    On left hand side of the work mat, draw small cup, underneath small glass, underneath small jar

    On right side, draw large cup, large glass and large jar.

    Then do experiments, what do you think would hold more, hold less...have fun with this.

    Flip over. Circle the picture that would hold more, cross off the one that holds less and underline the same.

    White paper: practice side. Draw a line from object that would hold less, to the same picute of what would hold more.

    Enrichment side:Have the children circle the one that holds the least liquid. Have them draw the one that would hold the most.

    It's gym and music day! I heard the sun is coming out this afternoon! Blow up that beach ball and get out and have fun! Sing apple and bananas while trying to keep the ball in the air!

    Hope you have an awesome day!