• Good morning!

    If you go to the parents blog, Mr. McGaw, the art teacher has a wonderful Art lesson for the students, please check it out.

    Today is Kyan's birthday! Happy 6th birthday!

    Please do Our Father, Alliegance to the Flag and daily intentions.

    Edit sentence:  i go to the park

    Color your final sight word paper.


    Take out the paper that has all three heartwords on it. The paper underneath it has the words scrammbled. Cut the letters, unscrammnle and spell them correctly.

    Play Calendar, it is a new month, April..A  pril, 2 syllables. It only has 30 days.

    Do day three on family times.

    have the children listen to the story, review their sight words and alphabet letters.

    Practice pages: 305. There are 4 boxes. Have your child draw 4 of the class jobs, one in each square. Example, pray leader, milk passer, Flag, paper passer, line leader, etc. It is your child's choice.

    Page 306. What part of the story Abuela did your child like? Write about it, then draw a picture.

    Page 307: Read the words in the word box fill in the correct word.  Read it like....Did you blank here, Did you here here, DId you go here? Did you from here? Correct answer..go

    Page 308 Discuss the pronouns I and me..tell the children I goes before the verb or action work.

    page 309 pg 309..easy ask what ways you would find out about tomorrow's weather, newspaper Y, computer Y, Library N, tv, Y!

    Page 310: What would you use to find out about your town, discuss, computer, newspaper, radio.

    That is all the Language arts work for today.



    comparing by weight, colorful mat:

    Explain how a scale is just like a see saw at a playground. When one side is heavier it goes lower, same as a scale. For #'s 1-8, circle the heavier object, cross off the lighter. Have them get objects around the house and compare. Practice pages 1-4 is the same way. Easier way for Enrichment have them color the heavier object. 

    ANother great day!

    Thank you for being on the Kindergarten team!


    Mrs. D