• Good morning!!

    Pray, alliegance, intentions

    edit sentence:  you can dig here

    This morning is the /e/ booklet..Do your best e's inside. For the back page write 3 words that begin with e. Remember..there are hints on the front page!

    Listen to the story, parents discuss each page. Look online for a virtual trip to New York where the story is taking place. Visit the Statue of Liberty.talk about Ellis Island, great history lesson today.

    Make words paper

    practice pages;

    page 311 circle the correct word by looking at the pages

    page 312 look at the pictures in the last box tell where the pictures are taking place..ex. grocery store, park

    page 313 edit the sentence..rewrite it correctly

    page 314 write 3 places Abuela visited

    page 315 color the pictures that are real cross off make believe

    page 316 read it write it

    page 317-320 does not have to be done!

    Math: reteach and topic 12 test..directions are at the bottom of the page, please let me know 

    do another Easter