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    So after 3 weeks I have finally figured out a better way to do daily instructions🙄🙄


    I hoped you enjoyed this week’s story. 

    Let’s start off with our morning prayer, allegiance and intentions. End the day with the Guardian Angel Prayer.


    Edit sentence:   i look like Abuela


    I hope that I am not offending anyone by giving the answers, it just makes me feel like I am still teaching...


    Morning work: Phonics packet /e/. Pg. 209 circle all the e’s. Pg. 210, 3 upper, e lower e’s.

                                                            Pg. 211 circle the pictures that begin with e..(elbow, envelope,egg,elephant) Pg. 212, draw a line from the hen to to pictures that have an /e/ in them.

    (egg,web, ten, bed) pg . 213...challenge yourselves with writing the word, not just the vowels! (Men, jet, log, net, jug,pen) Finally page 214; put and /e/ in front of the letters to make a word!


    Next paper..read the sentences, if you have a dice roll it..let your child read that sentence.

    Amazing words


    Color the pictures.. 

    Under adventure..it’s me climbing up a hill..at least I have lipstick on!


     Topics 9-12

    #1..which shows 9.

    #2..all three problems equal..either a,b,c,d

    #3. How many counters? Make sure they count the 2 outside the 10 frame..

    #4. How many counters in both 10 frames?

    #5.look at the 2 ten frames.  What is the matching addition sentence?

    #6. 10+7=17  Find the 2 10 frames that match it..the first one should be a filled 10 frame the 2nd one should be 7.

    #7. Out of a,b,c,d which one shows the sticks in order from shortest to longest.

    #8. which is the tallest snowman? 


    If your child struggled with any of these, let me know.

    I am putting together a Zoom Kindergarten meeting on Monday at 4:00..look for your invite on email. Remember to wish Charlie Mahoney a happy birthday on Saturday!!!i will be filming a new Calendar this weekend! 

    Enjoy your weekend..miss you more!


    Mrs. D