Happy Tuesday!


    Let’s start our day in Prayer, say the Pledge of Allegiance and daily intentions. Morning work:

    Edit sentence, Is it Monday

    J,w,blue paper.




    Play Calendar, add another penny to yesterday’s. Look at. Calendar. Starting with March 13th, how many school days have we missed? Show it by doing Tally Marks. 


    Sing the  new song, listen to the story.What would your favorite was to travel be? How many have been on a plane? A train? A sidecar? A ferry? Do you like this story? Do you want a whamburger?


    Do both decodable books, Jen and Will and #25 On a Jet. Remind the children of the rule for double ll’s. Consonant, vowel, double the l!


    Math: 13.2  Sorting by one. The children will learn how to sort by color, size, shape, object.


    On front cover, on the left side, have the children draw different color circles.

    On the right side, blue squares all different sizes

    Flip over..#1 sort by buttons

    #2 color red 

    3 talk to your child, do they want to sort by circles or red?

    #4 Again, they can choose how they want to sort, rectangles (stamps) or yellow.

    On the practice paper, draw lines from the fish to the fish in the circle. Same as with the cat.


    Enrichment side. One of these things are not like the other...

     #1 Add stripes to make sure the sailboats look the same.

    #2 add wheel

    # 3  add circles.

    We would be having music and gym today, exercise and sing!!