Happy Wednesday!


    Please start your day with the Our Father, Pledge of Allegiance, Daily Intention.

    Edit sentence:

    I like to go in A car?


    Morning work:green paper, J booklet, and J phonics paper.  

    Practice pages: page 325,  word box. 4 words 4 sentences, have your child cross off each word on top when they complete the sentence.

    Pg. 326 Asking a question, answering a question. Can you jog? Draw a line to I can jog.

    Pg. 327, write the words next to the picture. (Jet, web,cap,jam,bed,wig).

    Pg. 328, write M for make believe, R for real.


    Here is a cute poem your child can copy:B




    Here is a writing prompt...I would take a ———————————- to ————————————.


    Here is my example:H




    We will sort different ways.on left side, draw yellow balls all different sizes. You sorted by color. On the right, made six triangles all different colors, you sorted by shape.

    Flip over. #1. Color plain dogs yellow. Talk about different ways you could sort them..spotted, sitting, yellow. Let your child decide how they want to sort. Same thing for #2. Sort differently from #1. 

    #3 &4.. same thing have your child sort one way for #3 and another way for #4.

    Practice page and enrichment, follow directions on bottom of the page..I love these lessons. Get sports ball, stuffed animals. Have them sort them by size, color, shape and object…


    It would be an Art day so have your child write the poem above nd draw daffodils! 


    If you notice the pine trees, their branches grow in the shape of a cross pointing to Heaven! 

    How is everyone doing..remember, anything that you do remote teaching wise is fabulous! Don’t fret, if all you can do is read to your child, you have succeeded! 



    Mrs. D!