• Holy Thursday!

    last night I went outside and said your names out loud..I was sending my love through the universe for you😘


    Big shout out to Santino!! Today is his 6th birthday!


    I have been blessed to be able to visit the painting of the Last Supper by Da Vinci in Milan Italy. 

    Today we need to reflect on the events of  the Last Supper. In some strange way the last time we were together was a Thursday,  Tomorrow, Good Friday, please go over the Stations of the Cross, be quiet and prayful during the holiest of hours; 12:00 -3:00. There is no school on Friday or Easter Monday. I will have work for next Tuesday-Friday ready by Saturday. It will be placed in the bin on the porch of the ECP building. I will send an email over the weekend. When the packets are ready.


    Save Math 13.5 for next Tuesday.


    Morning routine

    Edit sentence: Is max on the bus


    Morning work: Ww phonics paper

    W booklet

    Color paper with boats

    Yellow paper

    Read sentences, use dice

    Do Amazing word paper by drawing picturesZ


    Listen to the story, review heart words, add a third and fourth penny and fifth penny. Now  you have 5 pennies, trade them for 1 nickel. Watch Jack Hartman’s video on coins.


    Practice pages: pg. 329 Read the sentence, Remind the children, the word I comes in the beginning of the sentence, me comes after the verb.

    Pg. 330. Draw a picture of your favorite animal home, remember bear lived in a lair! Little mouse needed a new woodland house?


    Then write and tell me about your drawing, ex. My………...lives in a ……………….

    Pg. 331. Retell the story, which mode of transportation did Max and Granpa take first, second, what happened last.

    Pag. 332. Read the sentences. Circle the question sentence. Underline the answer to the question.


    Math: 13.4

    Colored mat. Left side, draw 3 blue triangles. Right side, 2 blue squares. You sorted by shape and color.

    Sorting by size and color:

    #1. Circle large red ball.