• Good morning! 


    You know the morning drill!!

    Edit sentence..did you see a blue fox


    Morning work:

    Family times daily x paper.. 5 times

    Yellow,blue,green paper. The paper behind it has the words scramblled..unscramble, cut and paste.

    Practice pages..page 333 5 x on each line

    Page 334. Write the word of the picture...fox, wax, cap,six, bed, box

    Make sure you are practicing your ❤️words every day.listen to the song and story,

    Math. 13.5

    Left over from last week.


    Look at left side, large square,small  triangle..have your child sort by small size..ftriangle, circle blue triangle.

    Sort by squares

    Sort by small size..triangle


    Turn over

    #1 sort by color.

    #2 sort by shape

    #3 sort by color yellow

    #4 sort by color

    #5 by size

    #6 sort by color

    Go to practice page

    #1 sort by 

    #2 sort by color shape

    #3 sort by shape



    Draw a line of which goes into a toy bin, dresser or treasure chest



    Read directions, have your child draw pictures..read from the Bible the first verse

    If you want to go on YouTube there is a wonderful story called Three Trees. I have video taped me reading the story, and I break down crying each time..it is a wonderful lesson at this time of year.


    Until tomorrow!