• D Hi all!

    We As I said, my husband works at the lifesaving station in Nahant, nice office! I was able to get to the beach today and I took some pictures of how lifesaving on the water took place in the past. They were able to get boats immediately on the water for rescues. It was like a field trip, but I was missing all of you! 


    Remember, your daily routine is what works for you. I’m just trying to keep the schedule that the children remember from school.


    Edit sentence: can we fix a car


    Morning work: Xx paper, green paper

    Play calendar! Review all ❤️ words.

    Watch the  song a listen to the story again.

    The Decodables: Max and # 26 Fox Can Fix It! 

    When the children are reading a question sentence, please make sure their voices go up at the end of the sentence. When reading and exclamation or exciting sentence, let them have excitement in their voices. 

    Another thing you can review on your Decodable is Nouns and Verbs or action words. See if your child remembers what a noun is; person, place, thing, animal.A verb is an action word.


    Math. 13.6 to do this lesson, I am asking that you draw 20 circles. Color 10 red on both sides, 10 yellow on both sides. The children know these are counters.


    Put them in a cup, shake the cup, then DUMP IT! graph how many red, how many yellow. Let them do this 5 times on the front colored paper. Always graph from bottom to top. Flip over. Count and graph the red and yellow counters.

    On the practice side, graph the gray and black counters. On the Enrichment side, make it a red and yellow graph and play dump it! 


    Art: I have a wonderful Art project. Have the children draw a brown tree trunk with lots of branches. Make popcorn. Add sugar and some red coloring..(lightly). Put popcorn in a bag with coloring and sugar. Shake well. Then glue on the tree….Cherry blossoms!