• Good morning!


    Continue with morning routine.

    Edit sentence: jan ran to see the fox


    Morning work: blue coloring paper

    Yellow, blue, green paper. Make sure you put the words into the boxes and write the words once.


    Pull out your practice pages. Page #337: word box. There are 4 words for each sentence. Make sure your cross off each word as you use it. (yellow, for, green, blue)

    Page #338. Again, an edit sentence. Have your child re wirte the sentence correctly.

    Draw the picture.

    Page. # 339. Write each word on the line. Circle the word that ends with /x/.(box, pig,mix, six,net, fox)

    Page #340. Talk about cause and effect. When one thing happens, something else will happen. Start from bottom row, replace lightbulb, light works. Rains, street floods, plant seeds, flowers grow.


    Picture graphs, fun! Math 13.7  you do not need to front page, Turn over.

    #1. Color in how many hats, balloons.

    Same for 2,3,4 circle the graphs that have the most.


    Practice 13.7  pick two colors, color daisies one color, tulips another color. Color the graph.

    Same for 2,3

    Enrichment. In the large box, have the children draw 3 red apples, 4 oranges and 2 banana. They are showing the picture graph that is listed below.


    Fun paper. 

    Take a white paper. Draw a line through the middle of the paper. Draw a circle up top.Z

    Color the sun and the space below the line in yellow.F

    Now take a blue crayon, color in the sky and color over the yellow below the line.D

    Blue and yellow make green!


    Great job today!