• Finally Friday!


    I don’t know about you, but I thought this week was a particularly hard week. Maybe because I should be landing in Dublin, Ireland right now. To think my worries a few weeks ago was me having to miss one day of school!


    Upcoming event: Make a picture for the patients of Melrose Wakefield Hospital. You can drop it off in a special bin located on the ECP porch. This is being coordinated by Hillary Mahoney, Charlie’s Mom. More info is on the school blog. A big shout out to Hillary and all our healthcare workers who are in the SJS community! 


    Morning routine.

    Edit sentence: did you see my red fox


    Morning work:

    Color to find the hidden picture.

    I can color shapes. Please have the children do this on their own. They need to start sounding out their color words.

    Xx booklet. On the back, have the children write 3 words ending in /x/.

    Read the six sentences. If you have a dice, roll to find out what sentence you will read.

    Phonics X papers. (It is the green stapled paper).last page, make sure they are putting the x at the end of the letters.

    Amazing word. Here is an example of what their paper should look like.


    Practice pages. # 341. Have the children read the sentences. Circle the question sentence, underline the answer.

    #342 have the children write these 2 sentences.

    I see a goat.

    He is in a boat! Then have them illustrate it.

    #343..we love these! Out in order, what happened first, next, last.  First row

    (3,1,2) 2nd row (3,2,1).#344. Write edit sentence correctly.

    Draw a picture.Make sure you are starting on the left hand side.


    Math: reteaching . #1 sort by shape and color. #2. Sort by color and shape.

    #3. How would you sort these? Left side by color, right side by shape.

    #4. How would you sort these? By buttons.

    Topic 13 test. #1. Which shape matches exactly the row next to #1.

    #2.Whichnshows sorted by color.

    #3. Which one does not belong in the row next to #3.

    #4. Which shows blocks.

    #5whichnshows sorted by shape and color.

    #6. Look at the rectangle containing scissors and crayons. Have the children then color, from the bottom how many crayons, how many scissors. 

    Answers(c,b,a,c,last row, 3 crayons 2 scissors.)

    For fun, let them color the shapes in the fish. Each shape should be a different color. Count them and tell the number below.


    You also have your April Math packet.


    Have a wonderful vacation! Please send me pics of your child! I will let you know when the next two weeks of work will be done. 

    Love Mrs. D