• April 27, 2020


    Happy birthday, Isaiah! You are 6 today!!


    Good day everyone! Let’s start this week knowing that April Showers bring May Flowers..what does mayflower bring.. the Pilgrims of course! 


    This is our 5th vowel, /u/. When making an upper case U, it is like going down and back up on a roller outer. When you make a lower case u..it’s the same except you start on the dotted line, go down the roller, back up, then exit the ride! 

    3 new ❤️ words..what, was, said.


    Morning work..start with watching the videos. Do day one of Family Times. Do /u/ paper, 5 times each, circle your best letter on each line. Do what, was, said paper.

    Practice pages. 

    Pg. 345 u 5x each

    Pg. 346 put a vowel( lower case!) on each line. (u,a,e, u(up),u, u,e.


    Parents, please review alphabet video for correct sound of /u/. It’s like a burp sound!!


    Math: 14.1: colored mat. Circle all the rectangles in the bedroom. Remember, a rectangle has two sides of equal size.

    1-5. Have the children circle all the rectangles. 

    Practice 14.1. Same, circle all the rectangles.

    Enrichment side.  Circle all the rectangles in the kitchen.

    Have your child find as many rectangles in your house.