• Good day! 


    Why is six afraid of seven...because 7 ate 9! What is the best time to go to the as dentist? Tooth-hurty!!

    Morning exercises

    Edit sentence: bud was sad

    Morning Work: u paper, 5 x each. Circle your best work. What,was,said paper.

    Listen to the story again, name all the rhyming words on each page.

    Booklets. Fold Fun for Jud. Read twice. Decodable # 27 Fold, Fun for Bud. Read twice. Have your child circle the words they are struggling on. Have them write them on another paper, write three times saying each time they write. It. Then read the booklet again looking for fluency.


    Math 14.2: Squares On the colored mat, have your child make a large blue square on the blue side. Make sure all sides are even. On the red side, have them make 2 smaller squares. Remind them that a square has 4 even sides. A rectangle has two equal sides. For both Math papers, circle the squares. Then have your child run and find square objects in your house.


    I have attached a fun Let’s Find Out paper to do. 


    As a reminder go to Jack Hartman and review, 2, 5 10 videos and counting coins. Also for indoor activities, go to GONOODLE and have some fun, heart pumpting, videos.


    I am having a Zoom meeting at 4:00 tomorrow, I will send the link in the morning. I believe my weekly vidos are more effective to my method of teaching, but I will like to connect. After tomorrow I will schedule mini meetings or if you perfer, I can facetime your child. As we get used to this unreal world we live in, I don’t want your child to forget I am still here for them.


    Please check your email in the morning…


    Mrs. DiBenedetto