• Thank you everyone who made the Zoom meeting yesterday! We will be having weekly meetings. Continue to watch the videos and follow daily instructions.


    Morning routine: Prayers, 

    Edit sentence: can the cub tug on the rug


    Morning work: U paper, hide and seek.

    Listen to story, song, review heart words.

    Practice pages:pg. 349 word box page. 4 words, 4 sentences. Remember, if the word is at the beginning of the sentence, the first letter needs to be upper case. (answers going across, Was, said, She, What.

    Pg. 350 Read it, Write it. We will be working on locations; on, in by…


    Math: 14.3 circles draw or trace a large circle in the water, 2 small circles on the green area. 

    Flip over, circle the circles!

    Same as on the practice page, Enrichment side; circle the items that have a circle on the bottom or top of it. Find as many items in the house that have circles on the tops or bottoms of it! Have fun!


    Butterfly art: suncatcher!