• Good Morning! Today is the last day in April. 

    30 days has September, April, June and November.

    All the rest have 31 except February, which has 28.


    Morning routine.

    Edit sentence: 

    Morning work: 

    Upper lower case cut out paper.

    Put 4 words that begin with /u/ in the raindrops. Color the umbrella.


    Practice pages: Pg. 351 Write the words on the line, circle the words that have /u/ in them. (bus, cup, hen, rug, pig, nut)

    Pg. 352 look at the first row; find the matching picture in the row below. Color each match a different color.

    Pg. 353 correct the word, write it on the line. Draw a picture about the sentence.

    pg/ 354. Write these 2 sentences. I see a yellow truck. It is hauling a green duck.

     Draw a picture of the sentences.

    Pg. 355 Look at the first picture on each row. The Mom is making dinner, what will happen next? Circle it. The boy is putting on his pajamas. What will happen next?

    Pg. 356 Read it Say it Write it.

    Math 14.4 Triangles! Make a large triange on the sail, two small triangles on the dock. Remember, a triangle has 3 equal sides. Practice page, circle all the triangles.

    Enrichment side #1 make a square into 2 triangles. #2 Make two triangles out of one triangle.

    #3 draw two lines to make 4 triangles in the kite. #4. Add a large triangle to make a body for the mouse.


    Fun craft, cut out 7 circles. Trace the bottom of a jar. Glue together, make a catapillar!

    Great job!