• May 1, 2020


    I forgot to mention yesterday that I included our Religion paper.


    Today is called May day. Not to be confused with MAYDAY with the coast guard. Schools ado a dance around a May pole to celebrate the blossoming of Spring.B



    Today we are celebrating Mrs. Melino’s birthday in First Grade! Today also marks the Month of Mary. If you can let’s say a Decade of the Rosary every day. I will have a Zoom meeting again on Tuesday @4. 


    Morning routine;
    Edit sentence: calvin can ride fast

    The vowel /u/ will continue through next week, that is when we will do our phonics paper.

    Read the six sentences. Have them practice them a few times. Let’s look for fluency.


    Amazing wordsA


    I have given you a booklet on the life cycle of a Butterfly. The children are familiar with the life cyle. Remind them of the story of Farfillina and Marcel. You can get a reading of this on youtube. 

    Please have your child write the sentence on the lines, then color the booklet. I have also added a Scholastic news about Butterflies and caterpillars.


    Math 14.5

    Hexagons. It is a 6 sided shape. Hex means 6

    A honey bee hive is made of many hexagons. Find a picture of a hexagon on line. Cut it out.

    On the colored mat, have your child circle all the hexagons. Same thing on the practice page.

    Now on the Enrichment side, have your child trace many hexagons together to make a bee hive. 


    Here is a bee to attach to it’s hive!S


    Have a great weekend! Look for caterpillars, listen to the bird songs. Make sure you sketch a tree! Learn how to tie your shoes!! HAHA