• Good morning! 

    If you like Star Wars you will love today’s date..May the Fourth..get it.. May the fourth be with you!!


    I love this weeks story, The Little Engine that Could, 

    We will continue with our sound /u/, and the ❤️ words: what, was, said! 


    Morning work: what, was, said paper, go hunting word search! 

    Practices pages: 357; again 5 upper case u’s,5 lower case u’s. 

    Page 358; write the word of the picture (cut,tub,top, bus, pin,nut).


    Math 14.6 this is soooo exciting! We will learn about 3-d shapes! C

    Sphere, which is a round shape 

    Cube, it looks like a block

    Cone, think of an ice cream cone and a cylinder. Think of what Clorox wipes come in! 

    Draw one in each box

    Inside, 1-8 match the beginning picture to one of the three on the right.

    Same for practice page. Enrichment paper, draw a shape matching the two on the left.


    Let’s go outside and look at the sky?  We will be learning about clouds...I just checked blue skies now...but later on keep a journal draw what clouds you see, tomorrow we will learn about them!