• Hola! 

    It is Cinco de Mayo! How great that it falls on Taco Tuesday, 


    Edit sentence: can it go up the hill


    Pray to Mary


    Morning Work: short u coloring paper

    What, was said: cut out the letters in the paper behind and glue

    Color ‘said’ paper


    Reading: fold decodables read, read read!


    Math: 14.7 find 3 d items in your house, on the left side, trace circles, on the right trace squares.W

    Flip over: find a cube in your house. Each side has a flat side that is a square, ex. Tissue box.

    Go find a cylinder, ex. Canned food, flashlight, G

    #1, what shapes have a square on it’s side?

    #2. What items have a circle on it? A cylinder, the top of a cone.

    #3. Circle the items that have a square on it.

    #4. CIrcle the items tht have a circle on their bottom and top.


    Practice pages: #1-4 What two items have circles on them

                                       What two items have squares on them

                                      What two items have circles on them..remember a circle does not have a        

                                      Flat surface.

                                      What two items have a square on them.

    Enrichment: Look at the cone and cylinder. Their flat surface are circles. Color the circles red. THe cube has squares on their sides. Color the aquares yellow.


    Go outside...look at the clouds, what do they look like? Are the big and puffy, do they look like a feather, or do they look like a bunch of cottonballs?

    F  W S

    We will find out tomorrow # types of clouds!


    See you at our Zoom meeting at 4:00.