• Good Morning!


    Thank you all for my Teacher Appreciation GIft, it was a beautiful succulant from Sweet Bay, my favorite local shop! Love you all!

    Yesterday’s Zoom was amazing! Thank you Kelly Williams for a great art lesson. You can go to the author’s website @ dianealber.com.

    Morning work: 

    Edit sentence: can you do hard work

    Morning work: Hide and seek paper, was coloring paper, mug paper..use the letters below to make words ending in -ug

    Practice pages #361 Word box 4 words, 4 sentences, cross off each word when you use it

    Going across (am, was, what, said)

    Read it write it..page 362

    Pg. 363 right the 3 letter word under each picture (rug, cub, ham, hut, box, cup)

    Pg. 364 what would happen next, look at the first picture….color the third pic. The second picture is going the wrong way.

    Woman is getting on a train...what would happen next, she would read a book, not ride in a car!


    Math! 14.8 colored mat..match the initial shape

    Turn over 1-3.. Look at at the shape on athe left, match it to a shape on the right

    #4 -6 draw the shape of the opject

    Practice page#1 draw a triangle as a tail

    #2 draw a hexagon that is in the shape in a soccer ball

    #3 draw a rectangle as a door

    #4 draw a circle as a wheel

    Enrichment: 1-4 draw another picture using the shapes shown.


    Clouds: 3 types;  cumulus, cirrus, stratusS


    Cumulus: big puffy clouds, they are out on a sunny day

    Cirrus, they look like feathers in the sky, shows up on nice days, far in the sky

    Stratus: looks like a bunch of cotton ball together, means change of weather in 24 hours. Usually lower in the sky

    What do the clouds look like today?