• Good Morning!


    Since we have no school on Friday, I will give you a breakdown of all the work, do it when you can!

    Morning Work: U booklet, write 3 words that begin with u. 

    Amazing words engine, tracks, passenger, roundhouse, mountain, valley

    A 6 sentences: roll the dice, read the sentences. Remember, when ending in a ? 

                            Your voice goes up. 

                            U phonics packet. 

    Religion: Chapter 17.


    Writing Assignment: with the lined paper, fold it in half. On the left side write:.

    I can……….. On the right side write I think I can……………….

    Here is my example:



    Color your train. You can cut out squares. How many squares would you need for your first name? Make it a name train! Attach the squares to the back of the train.


    Let’s Find out packet. Such a great spring activity!


    Practice pages: #366  Write a letter: copy Mrs. D’s


    Dear Mom,


    Happy Mother’s Day!


                                                               (cross out your friend) Love,

                                                                     Your child’s name


    Page 367 who is the character in these two pictures (woman, lady, mom)


    Page 368 Read it, Write it, (sun).


    Math: Reteach, #1 look at the blue triangle, what matches on the right side

                                   Look at the green square, what matches it on the right side.

                                    Both are comparing by shape

                            #2  same as above.

                            #3 what 2 objects have the same shape as a cylinder.


    Topic 14 test

    #1 what object is shaped like a rectangle?

    #2 what object is shaped like a square?

    #3 What object is shaped like a circle?

    #4 What object is shaped like a triangle?


    #5 Which shape has a flat edge that looks like a circle?

    #6 which shape matches the button.


    When we have nice weather, we have the big fluffy clouds high in the sky.

    When the weather is going to change the next day, you see clouds that look like feathers, that are cirrus clouds, I like to think of cirrus being serious! A change is coming. They are also high in the sky.

    When the weather is going to rain, the clouds are low to the ground, those are stratus clouds.  


    You can get some cotton balls and make them big and fluffy. Then stretch the cotton balls very thin to look like feathers. Put them both high in the sky.

    For the stratus clouds pull the cotton balls apart into little circles, they look like a bunch of cotton balls in the sky.


    Here is an example of what I did. Label them. Then you can go outside and tell what type of clouds are up in the sky! You will be a true meteorologist!



    To all the Mom’s have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!! I am sending all of you a virtual hug!!!


    Love you all!
    Mrs. DIBenedetto