• Good Day! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


    Please watch the two videos. This week’s story tells how people travel in different parts of the world.

     Remember to do your Family Times

    Our new phonics letters and sounds are: /v/, /z/.

    Our final 2 words 

    are: come, where! You did it!! 40 words!

    Morning work: v & z paper. Trace and write 5 times. Always put your names on the paper.

    Where, come, said paper. Rectangle paper. 

    Practice pages: 369; v’s and z’s; write 5 times each. Circle your best one.

    Page 370;; write a lowercase v or z on each line (z,v,v,z,z,v)


    Math new topic 15.1 FUN! On the left side, draw 3 horses inside the fence. On the right side, circle the animals outside the barn. Cross off the animals inside the barn. FLip.

    #1. Circle all the animals outside the pond. Cross off all the animals inside the pond.

    #2. Draw squares inside the house, draw circles outside the house.

    Practice page 15-1. Draw a clock and a picture inside the house, draw a pail and drum outside the house. 

    Enrichment side: Circle the cat and bird outside the houses. Circle the girl and dog inside the house.


    At the end of this packet is a Religion lesson and a Let’s Find Out, you can do these whenever you want. 


    Good job!